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Port Fairy Folk Festival announces four-day concert series in place of 2021 event

The beloved Port Fairy Folk Festival has filled the void of its cancelled 2021 festival.

While Port Fairy Folk Festival won’t be welcoming its full-scale music parade this year due to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, they’ve just announced a new concert series that will be filling the void.

Going down across the Labour Day long weekend from Friday March 5 to Monday March 8, the Port Fairy Folk Festival concert series will celebrate the best homegrown folk talent first and foremost, with the likes of Kutcha Edwards, Kee’ahn, Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission and Nigel Wearne set to perform.

What you need to know

  • Port Fairy Folk Festival announces concert series in place of 2021 festival
  • The four-day event will take place from Friday March 5 to Monday March 8
  • Some of the artists set to perform include Kutcha Edwards, Kee’ahn, Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission and Nigel Wearne

Keep up with the latest festival news here

On top of the aforementioned artists, Ruth Hazleton will be joined by Fiona Steele and Luke Plumb to perform, as well as Louisa Wise, Charm of Finches and the dream team that make up the Keep the Circle Unbroken event.

“Whilst there won’t be thousands of people down the coast for the annual Folk Festival, this March long weekend we are still wanting music lovers to enjoy their favourite artists, but in a more intimate environment at the Reardon Theatre,” Port Fairy Folk Festival Program Director Justin Rudge says of the event.

“I’m proud to present a diverse range of artists, including previous favourites of the festival, a selection of Music Victoria Award-nominated artists, as well as introduce Port Fairy to some wonderful up and coming talent. We can’t wait to welcome Folkies back to our coastal location.”

Instead of enveloping the entire town as it usually does in March every year, in 2021, the Port Fairy Folk Festival concert series will take place in the town’s Reardon Theatre.


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Check out the full schedule below.

Friday March 5

Kutcha Edwards
Nigel Wearne (support)

Saturday March 6

Keep the Circle Unbroken

A performance featuring Tim Rogers, Brooke Taylor, Bobby Valentine, Hamish Davidson, Cam McKenzie, Sarah Gurry, Sarah Carroll and Fenn Wilson. Plus Row Jerry Crow with Paul Woseen (Screaming Jets), Jeff Consi (The Badloves), Dion Hirini (Vika & Linda Bull), Rob Hornbuckle (The Masters Apprentices), John Kendall (Uncle Bill) and Delsinki.

Sunday March 7

Ruth Hazleton (with Fiona Steele and Luke Plumb)
Louisa Wise
Charm of Finches

Monday March 8

Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission
Kee’ahn (duo)

Port Fairy Folk Festival’s 2021 concert series goes down from Friday March 5 to Monday March 8. Find out more here.

21 albums all music lovers should own on vinyl

Considering starting or extending your vinyl collection? 

With our friends at Discrepancy Records we’ve made the art of awe-inspiring wax curation a breeze. From genre-defining groundwork to the modern classic, here are 21 albums that must be owned on vinyl:

1. Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

Amy Winehouse was an old soul drawn to the warmth, complexity and passion of Big Band, jazz and soul foundations possessed by the likes of Tony Bennett. In 2006, Winehouse resurrected the sound and charm of yesteryear with her sophomore album, Back To Black. Pressed in wax, this album and her voice truly come alive.

2. Aretha Franklin – Aretha

Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin’s self-titled album, with cover image by Andy Warhol, extends her intersection of gospel and rock‘n’roll while introducing R&B for what she cites as one of her favourite albums. She serenades and mesmerises with her powerful vocals across tracks like ‘I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)’, and ‘If You Need My Love Tonight’.

3. The Beatles – Abbey Road

From near break-up to boundary-pushing genius, Abbey Road is a faultless songwriting, production, arrangement and mixing masterclass that is indisputably one of the greatest albums ever written. The Fab Four’s experimentation with composition and harmony is a celebration of The Beatles’ range and of the non-existent parameters of their music.

4. David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars made way for introduction to a sci-fi rock opera universe and the eponymous character, David Bowie’s alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. Opening discussions around identity, sexuality, drug use and political propaganda, the ’72 concept album is heralded for being bold and unapologetic.

5. Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

‘Dreams’, ‘Go Your Own Way’, ‘The Chain’, ‘You Make Loving Fun’, ‘Don’t Stop’ – that’s just half of the monumental eleventh studio album by Fleetwood Mac. Turmoil, hurt and betrayal seep from the album’s seams, weaving through glorious highs and shattering lows. The six-best-selling album of all time has recently had a resurgence thanks to TikTok.

6. Frank Ocean – Blonde

Endearing, invigorating, masterful – Blonde offers an understanding of the enigmatic Frank Ocean through honest, intense emotions and inescapable storytelling depths. Adopting minimalism between shape-shifting structures and artful experimentation, Blonde breaks expectations of racial pigeonholing in music in a hauntingly beautiful showcase of raw talent.    

7. Harry Styles – Fine Line

One Direction who?! Harry Styles further sheds his boy band image with his second solo album, Fine Line. Styles exudes confidence through clever lyricism and careful handling, projecting both a rockstar and gentlemanly image as he contests toxic masculinity. With nods to a ‘60s sound, Styles surprises with this sophisticated body of work.

9. Carol King – Tapestry

Carol King unveils herself as the decade-long pop-writing extraordinaire behind then-husband Gerry Goffin and an unparalleled powerhouse to boot with her debut LP, Tapestry. Stripping any doubt of her ability, King charges with emotion on Shirelles cover ‘Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?’, the melancholic ‘It’s Too Late’ and the fiery ‘I Feel The Earth Move’.

9. Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

The evidence for the ego – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was an instant classic and a defining album for 21st century hip hop. Kanye West delved into uncharted territory for this collaborative buffet, which features Elton John and Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), serving up a restrained, refined and unreachable work of art.

10. Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin IV 

Abandoning great for legendary, Led Zeppelin defy and conquer on their fourth album with bolt-tight production and arrangement from Jimmy Page and vocal gymnastics from Robert Plant, delivering diversity with celebrated ballad ‘Stairway To Heaven’, belters ‘Black Dog’ and ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ and blues beauty ‘When the Levee Breaks’.

11. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

Topping the Rolling Stone 500 Best Albums of All Time, Marvin Gaye’s masterpiece, What’s Going On, is a boundary-pushing body of work that embeds social and political commentary upon sophisticated soul, jazz and Motown groove. With its polished production and refined arrangement, the ongoing dialogue sparked from this 1971 album has spanned five decades.

12. Nirvana – Nevermind

The definition of ‘90s grunge is Nirvana’s Nevermind. Representing an era and generation of misfits, the Seattle group capture angst and self-loathing, blending delicate restraint and forceful assault in a brilliantly authentic art form. The production from Butch Vig is the icing on top, translating impeccably to wax.

13. Patti Smith – Horses

Patti Smith is a visionary and on her debut album Horses, she captures the attitude of rock‘n’roll through poetic lyrics and her unbridled, punk-grit delivery which echoes from the opening line, “Jesus died for somebody’s sins, but not mine”, on ‘Gloria: In Excelsis Deo’.

14. Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon is not an album, it is an immersive experience that transcends space and time, where music takes on colour form. Considering mental health and the pressures of their tumultuous lifestyle, Floyd’s eighth album is rich in capacity both lyrically and sonically.

15. Queen – Greatest Hits

Queen are royalty and their greatest hits collection wraps all of their mega-anthems into a neat little package of both power and play. Flying from ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ to ‘We Are The Champions’, there is no fluff and no filler, just the best from the best.

16. Radiohead – OK Computer

OK Computer was a turning point for Radiohead as they ditched the rock script, embracing experimental euphoria for a haunting, yet stunning, 12-song story. Poetic, poignant and potent, OK Computer is responsible for the unforgettable and extraordinary ‘Karma Police’, ‘No Surprises’, ‘Exit Music (For A Film)’, ‘Paranoid Android’ and ‘Let Down’.

17. The Rolling Stones – Exile On Main Street

Raw and rough, The Rolling Stones’ 1972 LP Exile On Main Street was built for vinyl – the gritty basement blues scratching through speakers and enhancing Keith Richards’ untamed riffs and the animalistic roars of Mick Jagger. It’s dirty and it’s rock‘n’roll in its finest form!

18. Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

A generous and ambitious rock album for the ‘90s, Smashing Pumpkins’ double-album format for their third studio album was made for the teenagers, though it permeated far greater than its intended audience with exquisite production, mystifying compositions for the rock arena and all-encompassing lyrical inquisition.

19. Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life

Double album and EP, Songs in the Key of Life, is a glorious reel of life experiences viewed on a sultry bed of multi-genre-infused rhythm and blues. The gospel highs in the opener, the classical strings on poverty poem ‘Village Ghetto Land’ and baby-cry sampling on ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ sees Wonder explore the wide spectrum of life and music.

20. Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not

Having just celebrated its 15th anniversary, Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not holds up as one of the best rock albums of this century. With quick wit, English charm and eccentric description, Alex Turner’s songwriting shines on Arctic Monkeys’ debut, defining a generation of wry youth and offering dancefloor belters.

21. Tame Impala – The Slow Rush

A newer addition to the music pool, the 2020 fourth album for Tame Impala moves from their signature psychedelic-rock core and into a breezy disco funk fusion. Kevin Parker ponders the meaning of happiness and considers his relevance and career longevity, serving up the glittery ‘Borderline’ and ‘Lost In Yesterday’.

All of these must-have masterpieces are available at discrepancy-records.com.au.

Beat’s guide to the best Valentine’s Day gift and date ideas

The month of love is upon us.

This year, we’re embracing any and every opportunity to celebrate the ones we love, and there’s no better day to do that than Valentine’s Day.

The 14th of February is almost upon us, and falling on a Sunday this year, you’ll definitely want to get your gift sorted before the day arrives.

Although traditionally a day to celebrate your romantic partner, there’s no reason you can’t shirk tradition and opt to treat your nearest and dearest to a Valentine’s surprise.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your special someone or you want to do something a little more adventurous than a V-Day dinner date this year, we’ve got a few ideas to help you materialise your love.

Create the perfect gift box for your Valentine with PersonallyPicked

Show your Valentine how well you know them.

If you and your partner, best-friend, or lover share a relationship unlike any other, your gift should illustrate that. Enter PersonallyPicked, the personalised gift box shop brought to you by two Melbourne-based girl bosses.

Shaking up the gift-giving game, PersonallyPicked puts you, the customer, in the driver’s seat, curating your own gift box from start to finish. The gifting experts at PersonallyPicked source unique products for their gift boxes, allowing you to create a gift that is personal in every way.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, PersonallyPicked have a build-your-own Valentine’s Day gift box feature where you can choose packaging and products that suit your Valentine, whoever they may be.

Whether you’re finding a gift for a hard-to-buy-for boyfriend or Valentine’s Day grinch or trying to fill big expectations for a V-Day connoisseur, Personally Picked has you covered. PersonallyPicked have also curated four limited edition gift boxes if you’re overwhelmed by choice.

With over 100 products for you to choose from, all sourced from local and boutique Australian businesses and global leading brands, finding the perfect gift for your Valentine or Galentine is easy.

Their faces will light up even before unboxing, with bright and beautiful personalised packaging and options to put their name on the box itself or adding your own personal card.

Show your Valentine how well you know them by giving them a personalised gift box from PersonallyPicked. They’ll love it almost as much as they love you.

Head to the PersonallyPicked website to get started on your own personal gift box. 

Beats by Beat: DJ Mum unleashes a drum-centric mix packed with Melbourne artists

Welcome to Beats by Beat, our mix series for electronic music lovers. Head here if you missed the previous mix by Monfreaq.

For the latest instalment of our Beats by Beat series, classical pianist turned UK bass aficionado, DJ Mum, offers a mix packed with music by Melbourne artists.

Though the music is diverse, its consistent thread is percussion – steady but intricate and imaginative. 

A quarter of the well-reputed Local Knowledge label and events crew, it was drum and bass that initially awoke DJ Mum to the wonders of electronic music.

Following her nose through broken beats and UK bass-heavy sounds led her to what you’ll hear in this mix.

Operating in a quite ordinary house/techno BPM range, the textures and sonic elements are far from ordinary. Expect broken beats and glitchy percussion covered by a sheen of scratchy (in the best way) timbres.

“Recently [this has] been the kind of music that I’ve been really interested in and inspired by.”

She’s precocious and enthusiastic about supporting the local scene – sentiments she makes clear in the interview at the end of the mix. 

Beat Magazine · Beats by Beat #23: DJ Mum Mix and Interview

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Chutney’s new Elton John-inspired single ‘Invisible’ is beautifully bittersweet

The Gold Coast rockers have an instant summer hit on their hands here.

Gold Coast rockers Chutney unveiled their latest single ‘Invisible’ today, a shimmering, summery track exploring true love and what happens when we give our heart to the wrong person.

Opening with soft strumming and honey-tinged vocal harmonies before introducing an upbeat percussive beat, ‘Invisible’ reels you in from the get-go.

Taking inspiration from their favourite Britpop acts, Catfish & The Bottlemen and The Strokes, Chutney pit forlorn musings against warm, lingering riffs, leaving the listener feeling bittersweet as the two polar moods coalesce.

While Britpop may lend a hefty hand to Chutney’s sonic influences, their blues-infused rock sound also harkens the likes of Ocean Alley and Sticky Fingers. But that’s not to say they’re derivative, instead putting their own spin on the sounds that inspire them.

‘Invisible’ came to life after Chutney frontman Matt Hansford was struck by a line in the Elton John biopic Rocketman: “Real love is hard to come by. So you find a way to cope without it”.

Taken aback by the heart-wrenching sentiment, he put pen to paper and the concept for ‘Invisible’ was born.

Between Hansford’s buttery vocals and a delicious solo from the band’s guitarist, Cal Hughes, the track is a testament to Chutney’s tight sound and immense potential – we certainly can’t wait to see what else they’ve got up their collective sleeve.

The single release is set to be followed by a satire-soaked film clip for the track on Thursday February 11.

Listen to ‘Invisible’ below.

For more from Chutney, check them out on Spotify or Instagram

Give your Valentine maximum delight with a bottle (or three) of Minimum Wines

Organic wine for a pleasurable time.

There’s absolutely nothing to feel bad about when buying from sustainably conscious winemaking project, Minimum Wines.

As you love your Valentine just the way they are, Minimum Wines love their product just the way it is, operating on a principle of minimum intervention.

Minimum Wines have organic and regenerative growing principles and farming practices, including green manure cover crops, compost teas, mulching, under-vine cultivation, no chemicals or pesticides, and advanced water-saving initiatives.

They love the environment, and it shows. Their packaging is 100 per cent recyclable or compostable, with most of it being made from already recycled materials. And they bottle under cork so that it’s a 100 per cent compostable, carbon-negative product.

Show your special one how much you love them by treating them with a product packed full of thoughtfulness, passion, and kindness. If you want to wow their socks off come Valentine’s Day, treat their senses with a hand-wrapped three-bottle gift-pack.

If you believe in celebrating your loved one throughout the year, Minimum Wines has you covered on that front, too. Take the long view with a yearlong wine subscription.

With four deliveries over the year, each including six bottles of wine delivered to their door, they’ll be hard-pressed to forget how adored they are. What’s more, the first delivery will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.

Each delivery from Minimum Wines includes a Minimum Wines Zine and a personalised note from you. Available online, and with free delivery Australia-wide, you can treat anyone you love to a Valentine’s treat, regardless of where they are.

Head to the Minimum Wines website to find out more.

A symbol of undying love, The Eternity Rose is one flower that will never wilt

It’s not just diamonds that are forever.

Flowers may seem like an uninspired Valentine’s Day gift – their beauty only lasting a few days before wilting – but The Eternity Rose is redefining the role of flowers as a celebratory gift.

They specialise in gold-dipped and glazed roses, the perfect adventurous and creative gift for your Valentine.

Roses are a ubiquitous symbol of love, emotion, and beauty, and The Eternity Rose is making sure that symbol is undying. Combined with gold, their roses immortalise the very essence of luxury and sentiment.

What’s more, their range spans across all budgets. Because while your love may know no bounds, your wallet might. The Eternity Rose have gorgeous pendants made from real rose petals, which are glazed and gold-trimmed.

The Eternity Rose uses real roses grown in their own nursery to create their products. Sparing no expense, their roses are nurtured by trained horticulturalists to make sure every rose grows to be exceptional.

For an extra special gift, combine a gold-dipped rose with a pendant and earrings.

The best part about The Eternity Rose is that each gift can be customised to suit your needs. You can mix and match colours to your heart’s content, having your product glazed in red, purple, pink, or blue. And that’s just the beginning.

If there’s one word to describe the magic of The Eternity Rose, it’s timeless. Like all roses, they express lust and love, but their everlasting beauty makes them a step above the rest.

As your relationship continues to bloom, your keepsake from The Eternity Rose will be an enduring reminder of the love you share.

Check out The Eternity Rose’s range and find out more via their website.

Throw out the dating rulebook with MANIAX this February 14

A gift to get your heart racing and blood pumping.

If you want something more exciting than dinner and a movie, MANIAX has got you covered. MANIAX is the first urban axe throwing company in Australia, first opening in 2014.

The self-described axe-perts will have you and your partner throwing hatchets like a pro in no time. Whether you’re looking for something to break the ice – or wood, as it may be – or in need of something to shake up the monotony with your long-term lover, MANIAX is the perfect excursion.

With their Axes & Chill package, you and your partner will start the day off learning how to throw with one of MANIAX’s expert instructors. Then, let your competitive side thrive in an axe-throwing tournament with you, your date, and a bunch of other loved-up couples.

After the axe-throwing champion is crowned, you’ll be able to enjoy a beer or cider to celebrate a victory (or drown your sorrows).

With sessions throughout the day, you can choose a time to suit you and your lover best. After two hours of throwing time, you’ll surely be hot under the collar, hearts racing for the rest of your special day.

A little bit of friendly competition and an environment packed with loving energy, spending a session at MANIAX will tick all the boxes. You’ll meet new people, learn new skills, and get to show off in front of your partner.

For $130 per couple, this package is an absolute steal for an excellent Valentine’s Day.

Head to the MANIAX website to find out more. 

Gift your whisky-loving lover a bottle of NED this V-Day

Unique and (literally) heartwarming, a bottle of whisky is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

Picasso often said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal”, but he clearly never got his hands on a bottle of NED, an entirely original and locally-crafted Australian whisky.

From humble beginnings – dreaming up ideas at a Melbourne pub – the innovators behind NED have come a long way. They’re known by many titles: inventors, entrepreneurs, challengers, and – for anyone who tastes their whiskey – indisputable artists. But what they are, at their core, is lovers of Australian whisky.

NED gives Australian drinkers of dark spirits a locally-crafted whisky to call their own. If home is where the heart is, then home is in every bottle of NED.

Finding something to love in even the most inconvenient parts of Melbourne, they utilise the iconic temperature variations of the city in their barrelling process.

Their whisky is aged in second fill oak, finished in new heavily-charred oak for boldness and character, and then charcoal-filtered before being transferred to large European oak vats for final blending and consistency.

Every bottle of NED is hand-bottled and labelled, and individually numbered. It is uniquely Australian, from the production to the fiercly independent taste. And just as the whisky embodies the Australian spirit, the makers embody Australian values.

Dedicated to supporting local communities, NED is committed to helping everyday Aussies with their initiative, That’s the Spirit. It’s one thing to buy a brilliant gift, and even better to know that gift is helping support the local community.

Love, commitment, desire and passion fuel the production of NED, making it the perfect Valentine’s gift.

Head to the NED website to shop their range or find your nearest stockist. 

A hodgepodge of things that inspired Psychedelic Porn Crumpets’ new album, ‘SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound’

The band’s frontman Jack McEwan fills us in on a list of things that helped him craft album four.

As we begin pervading 2021, music lovers are already grasping at the next release, the next slice of fresh music that can acquaint them with a new year and help them forget the last.

Having already waved goodbye to January, we enter February with a kick in our step. Not only do live gigs continue their revival but the anticipation of new music bubbles away like a boiling cauldron. Our ears are piqued, our expectations are high.

An early piece to the 2021 Australian music puzzle is the fourth album from Psychedelic Porn Crumpets. With three singles out in the world, including the sizzling and typically-riotous ‘Pukebox’, punters have already gotten a sense of what’s to come on SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound. And excitement couldn’t be more rife.

As we gear up for PPC’s new album on Friday March 5, we asked the band’s frontman and songwriting chieftain, Jack McEwan, for a list of things that inspired the record. And as you can expect, we didn’t get your standard eggs on toast, we got the full big breakfast.

Norm Macdonald’s grin

Norm Macdonald is probably the funniest man, he always cheers me up. He’s notorious for these overly-compacted stories that zig-zag through nonsense and end up with an awful punchline that gets a groan of laughter from an audience like they’ve been fooled by a bad magician.

Every time he’s about to reveal the end of his joke he’ll grin like he knows he got you cooked and I love him for it. I think the way he still tries to make people laugh even now he’s getting a bit older is admirable, he’s not changed at all from his beginnings and that’s something to aspire too.

Matso’s Mango Beer

My brother described the flavour as “What a bee would taste when it gets nectar from a flower”. It is truly delicious and even better on a hot day. I spent a lot of isolated hours in the company of Broome’s finest, twas my drink of choice while recording SHYGA. I even named a track ‘Mango Terrarium’ as it felt like I was living in a bottle. Good times.

Endless YouTube loopholes

It’s fair to say I had a lot of free time last year, I picked up golf again, spent a day trying to learn French, almost read a book, but the brain drain that wiped me the most was a constant stream of buttery serotonin oozing through my lifeless skull, neatly served up in five-minute meme-sized bumps.

I found it really interesting how hours would go by and I could literally remember nothing when I finally snapped out of the hypno screen benders. Then maybe a day or two would go by and I’d suddenly recall a fact, or know what a hemidemisemiquaver is.

My dreams have been a bit weird but that’s alright, I think the system overloads when it’s a late night binge and for some reason you absorb things without really focusing. I’m sure someone’s already studied the pros and cons but if I’m learning without realising then that’s a positive.

The movie, Moneyball

The ‘moneyball’ theory in baseball is when a team assembles the cheapest squad with the greatest statistical advantage. The movie with Jonah Hill and Brad Pitt is decent but it’s more the concept I really enjoyed. When you apply it to music it makes recording gear, guitars, pedals, software and rack units all kinda pointless.

There was a time when I thought to make music you needed a truck load of money so you could afford the best equipment, but if anything, working from home on a zero dollar budget for recording forces you to be more creative. Over the past few years there seems to be more bedroom producers popping up with their own unique recording styles, flavours and techniques and it’s great to see.

The smell of spilt beer on a wooden veranda deck

I’ve got an outside veranda where I sip and ponder all of life’s absurdities. I’m perched there most days from 4pm till late. You’ll need to know my bedroom is directly next to the aforementioned drinking spot, so I can crawl through the window if I’m feeling sharp.

Anyway, most mornings I’ll wake up to a gentle breeze wafting a thick pale ale varnish through the fly screen. It’s kinda similar to that old pub smell but I’ve started to really enjoy it. Get’s me right out of bed to check the table’s state and assess what valuables I’ve left outside from the previous night. Who needs an alarm clock aye.

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets’ new album, SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound, is out on Friday February 5 through Marathon Artists. Score a copy here.

Emma Volard

Emma Volard is a future soul outfit who fuse elements of jazz harmony, broken beat and gut-wrenching lyricism to create a cosmic ether of spiritual dance music. The chaotic and spontaneous interplay within their live show captures a raw and organic energy effervescent of the underground soul scene in the UK. Come get jiggy with the crew for 2 sets of wild music every Thursday in February 2021 at Bodriggy Brewery for an all female line-up on the weekly.

Feb 11th
w/ Jess Zammit

Feb 18th
w/ DJ Sushi Cat

Feb 25th
w/ Allysha Joy

Emma Volard

Emma Volard is a future soul outfit who fuse elements of jazz harmony, broken beat and gut-wrenching lyricism to create a cosmic ether of spiritual dance music. The chaotic and spontaneous interplay within their live show captures a raw and organic energy effervescent of the underground soul scene in the UK. Come get jiggy with the crew for 2 sets of wild music every Thursday in February 2021 at Bodriggy Brewery for an all female line-up on the weekly.

Feb 18th
w/ DJ Sushi Cat

Feb 25th
w/ Allysha Joy

Emma Volard

Emma Volard is a future soul outfit who fuse elements of jazz harmony, broken beat and gut-wrenching lyricism to create a cosmic ether of spiritual dance music. The chaotic and spontaneous interplay within their live show captures a raw and organic energy effervescent of the underground soul scene in the UK. Come get jiggy with the crew for 2 sets of wild music every Thursday in February 2021 at Bodriggy Brewery for an all female line-up on the weekly.

Feb 25th
w/ Allysha Joy

Emma Volard

Emma Volard is a future soul outfit who fuse elements of jazz harmony, broken beat and gut-wrenching lyricism to create a cosmic ether of spiritual dance music. The chaotic and spontaneous interplay within their live show captures a raw and organic energy effervescent of the underground soul scene in the UK. Come get jiggy with the crew for 2 sets of wild music every Thursday in February 2021 at Bodriggy Brewery for an all female line-up on the weekly.

Feb 4th
w/ Claddy

Feb 11th
w/ Jess Zammit

Feb 18th
w/ DJ Sushi Cat

Feb 25th
w/ Allysha Joy


QV Melbourne Lunar New Year Celebrations

QV Melbourne is thrilled to welcome The Year of the Ox with Lunar New Year celebrations including a 50m2 interactive mural from Chinese-Australian artist Mark Chu, a new exhibition of his work at No Vacancy gallery, custom made Oxen lanterns, themed food and drink, $10,000 in prizes and more from 12 February
Lunar New Year (LNY), celebrated by 1.5 billion people in 2020, provides the chance for a fresh start setting the tone for the year ahead. The celebrations begin when the first new moon in the lunar calendar emerges on 12 February 2021.

QV Melbourne is at the heart of the city’s festivities, honouring traditions of generosity and celebrating The Year of the Ox. Melbourne born painter Mark Chu has his work exhibited everywhere from Shanghai to Amsterdam to NYC and has appeared in the New York Times.

“Lunar New Year is one of the most special events on the calendar, because it shows that something as fixed as the start of the year can be interpreted differently by different cultures. The fact that it’s celebrated across the world tells us how far we’ve come as a multicultural global community, and I think that’s wonderful,” says Mark.

The Chinese community has been a strong part of Melbourne’s cultural fabric for over 160 years, making the Lunar New Year particularly significant to Melbourne, while other Asian cultures from Vietnamese to Korean also celebrate the new lunar year.

At 50m2, Mark’s Lunar New Year mural is one of his biggest works to date, towering over passers-by in Jane Bell Lane, just off Russell St. The Giving Ox depicts an Ox leaping up in a moment of blissful joy, signifying the massive strength the zodiac year is known for. It is also interactive, with an AR animation bringing the mural to life with a burst of generosity, symbols and LNY celebrations. Shoppers can also find their personalised 2021 Chinese Zodiac predictions linked to a QR Code.

Just down the laneway at resident gallery No Vacancy, Mark Chu will exhibit 50 paintings in a major new show entitled, The Ecstasy of People Watching, opening 25 February, until 28 February. His works ask, how do we gaze differently in this paradoxical time of social distancing and hyper-interconnectivity?

As a part of the Lunar New Year experience, Chu has created his first sculptural work, a bronze cast of an ox tail coated in 24-carat gold, called a Giving Charm. This valuable work will be priced at zero dollars; however its acquirer will receive instructions from the artist to embrace a life of generosity as fully as possible, and pass it on to a new acquirer when they no longer need to engage with the piece.


Old school Thursday night gig at the Old Bar. Fuzzy rock and roll and groove.
8pm Slypon
9pm Gardenia

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