This Aussie video game lets you play as a hungover koala detective

This Aussie video game lets you play as a hungover koala detective

Stone video game

Yes, you read that correctly.

If you’re a fan of Tarantino, Bukowski and Hemingway, you might be intrigued by this brand new Aussie-made game, featuring some adorable native fauna and some unusual circumstances.

Stone follows a koala private investigator who’s putting together the pieces of last night’s drunken antics, all set to a meticulously curated soundtrack.

For the music, Stone draws from Aussie trap and rock tunes, in addition to hip hop, stoner rock, house and techno tracks from overseas. Homegrown musicians that feature in the game include Perth trap artist Luchii and Aussie rockers Grand Oyster Palace and Golden Grove.

When coming up with the concept, creator Greg Louden says Stone is the perfect game for fans of cult cinema, literature and new music.

“I dug through the internet, reached out to my friends that are musicians and cool record labels to secure the tracks. I’m stoked with the selection and I think people will really enjoy the music,” he says.

The game itself is a wacky adventure story in which you play as a hungover Koala named Stone, and embark on a hunt for your Lorikeet ‘chookie’ who disappeared last night. The creators of the game wanted to put together a multifaceted experience for players — one that tells “high impact and alternative stories that fuse cinema, music, art, tv and the best aspects of video game and cinematic storytelling”.

The game slots into the genre of ‘stoner noir’, a niche approach to art which celebrates underground and alternative culture influences. Other examples of stoner noir include The Big Lebowski and Inherent Vice.

“Stoner noir is traditionally an American genre so why not make an Aussie version?” says Louden.

“I thought, watching a stoner noir is cool, but playing a stoner noir that would be even cooler.”

Stone is available now on iOS and Steam via Convict Games.