How Quincy Jones is raising the next generation of bedroom artists

How Quincy Jones is raising the next generation of bedroom artists

Quincy Jones with the Q&R Music team
Photo: Adam Hart
Words by Scott Hudson

“We plan to represent talented, hard-working, undiscovered artists.”

The world has changed; cars can be shot into space, you have access to the entire history of the earth in your pocket and just about anyone can create a home studio in their closet. The traditional role of the music label has had to evolve dramatically in the last two decades with the introduction of streaming and the social media revolution. Rehegoo is ready to take on this new challenge with the creation of collaborative project Q&R Music.

“We’ve entered a new era where recording or music production software and equipment are easily affordable and accessible,” says company executive Mattia Esposito.

“Many musicians today are turning out fully produced albums from the comfort of their couches with the use of makeshift home studios.”

Q&R Music is a joint venture between Rehegoo and Grammy award-winning legend, Quincy Jones. With this project, Q&R Music recognises the new environment and is building a foundation on talent and interest rather than palatability.

“Quincy Jones, like us at Rehegoo, has a passion for music and a deep love for artists. He, too, recognised that there’s so much more to discover during this day and age, and signed on with Rehegoo to help pioneer in that direction,” Esposito says.

As Jones himself put it: “I’m incredibly fortunate to have travelled the world for nearly seven decades and worked with some of the best of the best in every genre, and [it] is without a doubt that there is untapped talent in nearly every facet of this planet. So, it makes my soul smile to be able to join together with Rehegoo Music through our new joint venture, Q&R Music, to help provide these beautiful talents with a platform to share the music they create’.”

“The music industry is booming more than ever before, thanks to the digital age,” says Esposito. This is an understatement to an industry that’s growing and evolving at a remarkable pace to keep up with changes to society, technology and creative output.

“The internet is the world’s number one source of entertainment and labels have had to adapt, changing the way we market and sell music. However, it has only served in favour of the new talent, as we are now able to mass-market the music we discover at unprecedented speed and distance.”

Q&R Music has entered the industry with the sole purpose of elevating what it refers to as ‘bedroom artists’.

“The term ‘bedroom artists’ was actually coined by Quincy Jones himself in order to identify the increasing number of musicians who are creating fully-produced, professional-sounding tracks without the help of a professional production team. They use ‘home studios’, usually comprised of a high-quality mic, a keyboard, their instruments, and their personal computer, loaded with one of today’s easily accessible and user-friendly recording software programs.”

Bedroom artists comprise most artists starting out, but also veteran artists who’ve realised they don’t need to drive to a studio in moments of inspiration to create high-quality music. Q&R is searching for artists in either category.

“We are searching for a unique brand of talent – that is, an artist who exhibits true musical skill and the ability to create their own music with a professional sound, who needs a hand with promotion [and] exposure, among other resources that a record label can provide,” Esposito explains.

But with musicians popping up everywhere, Q&R have identified some of the challenges it will face in the coming years.

“Although we are delighted to discover talent across the globe, it’s not always possible to meet with every artist face-to-face. Our team is currently taking on the challenge of finding new ways to connect with our artists, and ensure that they receive all of the support they deserve,” says Esposito.

“With a Grammy award-winner and entertainment icon on our side, we don’t expect to have any trouble finding our place in the industry.”

Rehegoo speaks with earned confidence on what seems to be the beginnings of the label of the future — formed with merit and benevolence in mind.

“We believe all artists deserve the chance to be heard; Quincy does too. We plan to represent talented, hard-working, undiscovered artists who deserve to have their music played around the world.”

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