Melbourne’s Underground Roller Disco is back with it’s most ambitious event yet

Melbourne’s Underground Roller Disco is back with it’s most ambitious event yet


How did you come up with such a fantastic idea for an event?

With so much fragmentation in the world today, I wanted to create a space where people could come together with no barriers, no prejudice and no judgement. Hidden beneath Collingwood there was such enormous potential in the space and I had a vision for what could be possible. I didn’t see an abandoned car park, I saw an old school roller skate disco.

How is this Roller Disco going to be different to the events you have run in the past?

This one is going to be next-level because of the partnerships we have built with Impala Skates and Bank Australia. With their support, we are able to make the roller disco even more exciting with prizes and giveaways. Our DJ lineup always kills it, and this time is no exception – some of Melbourne’s finest.

You’ve got some great DJs playing, how did the music bill come together and what did you have in mind when you were curating it?

Working with DJs who understand the culture we are building and the vibe we want to create is what makes the music bill so thrilling. We want to create a carefree space with feel-good music. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, what your background is or your level of ability – you can’t help but feel good when you are at the disco. It’s all about inclusivity.

What is it about Zepherin Saint that made you want to get him to play?

We feel like it’s important to have an event that pulls from Melbourne’s finest and also from visiting creative talent. Zepherin met one of the founders of CURD at the Miami Winter Music Conference and connected. When we heard Zepherin was in town, we knew that his vibe would make this one of our best events yet.

It’s fantastic that some of the profits are going back to the community, why is it important that you do this?

It’s all about community. We feel like it’s important that the community we founded and have grown in, is empowered. We want to inspire the next generation of young performers and keep creating space for events like these to continue. Profits going back into community means the benefit keeps giving and flowing.

If I was a punter heading down to the Roller Disco not knowing what I was getting into, what could I expect from the event?

Get ready for a night like no other. There is nowhere else in Melbourne where you can get your skates on and groove to some fine tunes in one of Collingwood’s abandoned gems. You can dance, you can skate, you can snack or just enjoy a drink or two with friends. There will be a house dance battle and you could be the lucky winner of some merch courtesy of the cool crew at Impala Skates.