Melbourne to trial aerial rideshare service, Uber Air

Melbourne to trial aerial rideshare service, Uber Air

Words by Kate Streader

Australia is set to become the first international market for Uber’s new rideshare venture Uber Air, with Melbourne set to join Los Angeles and Dallas as a pilot city for the program.

In a bid to ease congestion on the roads, Uber Air looks to take passengers to the sky to get them from point A to point B more efficiently. If you’re wondering who the hell can afford a short helicopter ride just to dodge a little traffic, Uber assures that Uber Air fares will mirror those of a regular UberX.

Test flights for Uber Air are set to take off as early as next year, with commercial operations scheduled to kick off in 2023. Uber has partnered with Australian companies Macquarie, Telstra and Scentre Group to develop the infrastructure and telecommunication networks needed to support an aerial rideshare service, with the help of existing partners such as Melbourne Airport.

“Uber’s technology is changing the way people move around their cities — from bikes to pooled rides, we are always looking for ways to reduce the need for private car ownership. In the coming years, with Uber Air, we want to make it possible for people to push a button and get a flight,” says Eric Allison, the global head of Uber Elevate.

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