Lombard Halloween is here to up your costume game

Lombard Halloween is here to up your costume game


How long has Lombard been around for and how long have you been offering Halloween decorations? Lombard has been offering fun event decorations, party supplies and paper products since 1969. Halloween has always been one of our most exciting times of year. We have the largest range of costumes, decorations and scary trick or treats.

What costume/decoration options are available for visitors to Lombard? Everything from costumes, makeup, wigs, creepy table decorations, sweets, lights and accessories. Our new range of animated decorations and lights are a scary hit.

Are you running with a particular theme for this year’s Halloween? The new Freaky Circus range is a huge hit, with full clown costumes available, as well as crazy masks and other spooky accessories like makeup, hats, even a jack in the box.

Is there anything you want visitors to think of when they’re buying their next Halloween costume/decoration? We have loads of costumes under $20. Think spooky and you’ll find it all at Lombard.

In your eyes, what is the ultimate Halloween costume? The new X-Ray Skeleton outfits.

What do you find are the most popular costumes/decorations? Anything to do with skeletons or blood – the freakier the better.

Can people buy their costumes/decorations online? If so, where can they get their spooky supplies from? We have a large range available online, please see www.lombard.com.au.