John Waters is bringing his one-man show to Australia

John Waters is bringing his one-man show to Australia

Words by Kate Streader

Legend of cinema and King of indecency, John Waters, will return to Australian shores this October with his critically-acclaimed one-man show Make Trouble.

Riddled with the kind of “comic anarchy” that earnt Waters his title as ‘The Pope of Trash’, Make Trouble is a constantly evolving reflection on modern society and fame, sprinkled with life lessons you’re probably better off not following, and a whole lot of filth for good measure.

“It is a show that I’m constantly updating. I try to make it filthier and dirtier,” says Waters of Make Trouble.

Having forged a path as a filmmaker, director and provocateur through films such as Pink FlamingosMondo Thrasho, Hairspray and Cry-Baby, Waters has become a household name around the globe. Not only does his prowess for storytelling extend to the big screen and the stage, Waters has also authored nine books – the latest of which, Mr. Know-It-All, The Tarnished Wisdom of a Filth Elder, is set for release this September via Hachette.

Equal parts wise and ridiculous, Make Trouble takes you inside the wicked and wonderful world of John Waters for an evening. The show will hit stages in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Hobart later this year.

Catch John Waters at Hamer Hall on Friday October 18. Tickets go on sale on Monday June 17.