Inside the exhibition of one of Italy’s greatest designers

Inside the exhibition of one of Italy’s greatest designers

The works of the late Vico Magistretti have left a significant impact on the world of industrial design.

As part of Melbourne Design Week, RMIT’s School of Architecture and Urban Design, and the Italian Institute of Culture have brought the works of acclaimed Italian designer Vico Magistretti to Melbourne. The exhibition, produced in conjunction with the Vico Magistretti Foundation, is a collection of sketches, photos, texts and other material that outlines the designer’s creative journey.

Magistretti was a prolific Italian industrial designer, whose work has influenced commercial design to this day. His approach to design was based on witty ideas and simplicity, and resonate well in a world that is increasingly looking for sustainable and socially-conscious design.

In addition to the exhibition, two special events are also coming up. A conversation on Wednesday March 20 will be held discussing Magistretti’s work, approach to design and how they relate to an Australian context. Four days later on Sunday March 24, the curator, Maura Baracco, will explain his reasoning behind how the exhibition was curated.