Hannah Gadsby announces new comedy show, ‘Douglas’

Hannah Gadsby announces new comedy show, ‘Douglas’

Gadsby can’t seem to stay away from the stage.

For someone who said they’d quit comedy, Aussie comedian Hannah Gadsby isn’t very good at keeping promises. The Nanette breakout star has come back with a new live comedy show by the name of Douglas, which will be arriving in Melbourne in March before heading overseas to the US.

“Yeah, no, I haven’t quit comedy,” Gadsby said in the video announcement. “I don’t have any other skillsets.”

Gadsby has a bit of a thing about naming shows after characters she’s met in her life. Nanette was named after a barista who wasn’t mentioned beyond the first ten minutes of the show. Douglas is a dog who has apparently convinced Hannah to pick up the pen once more and write something new.

Nanette was a global success, primarily because Gadsby seriously pushed against the boundaries of what it means to be a comedian. She dissected the conventional stand-up routine and exploited the tension-and-release relationship between comedian and audience by including gutwrenching details of her life. It’s currently unclear what Douglas will be about or whether it will make you bawl your eyes out as Nanette did, but the expectations are high.