Dylan Waters’ debut album ‘Electronic Philosophica’ uses spoken word to intriguing effect

Words by Tom Parker

The debut album from the Melbourne producer takes its listeners on a philosophical journey.

Why do music narratives need to be sung? They don’t. London-based trio Public Service Broadcasting revolutionised the nature of storytelling when they emerged with their spoken word post rock in 2009. They’ve since gone on to Inform – Educate – Entertain the world with every history lesson and every interstellar live show. Now it appears there’s a new spoken word creator amongst us.

Public Service Broadcasting were inspired by archival material from BBC Radio 4 but new electronic purveyor Dylan Waters is inspired by the intellect of Noam Chomsky, Brian Cox, John Lennon, Malcolm X and more. Through his debut album Electronica Philosophica not only are we greeted with everything from EDM to post rock to minimalist ambient music but we are plunged into the chronicles of the American Revolution, debt peonage in a capitalist democracy, even humanity’s place in the cosmos.

This is not a droning education but an invigoration of lifelong issues that only a small fraction of society is aware of. From the cosmic jazz of ‘X’ to the heightening ‘Peterson’ and the authoritarian march of ‘Hedges’, Waters declutters a musical path previously littered with leaves. So, what’s next for this music visionary? We’ll have to wait and see.