Crooked Colours’ enchanting second album ‘Langata’ further parades their electronic palette

Words by Leland Tan

Meticulous and tumultuous, this album is painstakingly tailored for the boogie.

There is a curious meticulousness to the way electronica-indie darlings Crooked Colours choose to supply their creations and Langata is no exception. The album trickles to life in ‘I’ll Be There’, a standalone single from 2018 sporting tribal machinations, both instrumental and vocal, befitting of the album’s title.

Tracks intermittently dip between turmoil and tempos, evidence of a glowing vision for endless experimentation. ‘Heart String’, ‘Just Breathe’, and ‘Mirror Ball’ are examples of such, straddling the line between sombre and upbeat.

The trio previously detailed their journey of connecting with their listeners on more intimate levels, and this is perhaps their answer. The album is lyrically darker and painfully honest, yet untiring.

Similar to ‘Perfect Run’, the shining jewel of 2017’s Vera, ‘Never Dance Alone’ is Langata’s standout. New Zealand singer Ladyhawke’s vocals are initially casual as Slabber’s input takes a backseat, but the escalation of the track and its production is a beauty to behold as it flits between emotions.

While some might find several productions a miss, something suggests Crooked Colours have plenty up their sleeves for the future. For now, the trio are speaking a language of connection and love, and all we can do is to dance.