Games Laboratory

Games Laboratory


Why should we engage in more activity based socialising? The importance of play cannot be understated. Play helps in strengthening relationships, confidence and decision-making, and provides a safe environment for experimentation.

What do we get to experience? At Games Laboratory, we provide the all important third place – after home and work, everyone needs a comfortable place to be themselves with like-minded individuals. Our bright, welcoming space is perfect for an afternoon or evening of board gaming and our cheery staff are always happy to make recommendations from the library for something you and your friends will enjoy. Downstairs in the fully licensed bar, the cozy spaces lend themselves to an even more relaxed experience.

What does Games Laboratory offer that you won’t get anywhere else? Where else can you pick from over 100 of the world’s best board games to play with your friends for just one dollar?

Describe to us a classic session at Games Laboratory? Once your friends have arrived and you’ve staked out a table, go and pick the brains of the staff about which games you should try – maybe a couple of rounds of Codenames before attempting to save the world from deadly viruses in Pandemic. Pop your gold-coin-per-player into the box on the counter and you’re good to go for the whole day. After your team loses Pandemic, head downstairs for a round of beers and relax with some Quoridor or Quixo before heading out for food and adventures in our fine city.