Where to snag a democracy sausage at the 2019 Federal Election

Where to snag a democracy sausage at the 2019 Federal Election

Words by Kate Streader
Photography by Charles Deluvio

Choose your polling booth wisely.

Fulfilling your democratic right can be a little arduous when you have to dodge campaigners and endure constant political campaigning. Luckily, with each election comes an Australian tradition that’ll have you gladly queuing at your local high school on a Saturday morning: the democracy sausage.

This Saturday May 18, expect the smell of sizzling sausages to reach the nostrils of voters countrywide as over 1,000 polling booths light their barbecues for hungry Australians. The humble snag has become the culinary equivalent of an assuring pat on the back. The only thing that tastes better than the fleeting possibility of a better future is a sauce-drowned sausage folded between a slice of fresh white bread.

The classic sausage sanga isn’t for everyone, and that’s okay; there are halal and vegetarian options as well as democracy cakes, coffee and bacon and egg rolls on offer too.

In what can only be described as true Australian spirit, the folks behind Democracy Sausage have crafted a comprehensive guide to help you locate your nearest BBQ. Just punch in your suburb on their website and you’ll have a snag in your hand before you know it.

According to the map, if you live in the ACT, you have a 51.5 per cent chance of accessing a democracy sausage this election day. Citizens of Western Australia aren’t too far behind with a 36.8 per cent chance. Victorians are next up at 23.3 per cent and 20.5 per cent for those in SA. Queensland, New South Wales, Tassie and Northern Territory residents have less than a 20 per cent chance of snagging a snag.

For those who’ll be abroad for election day, you may still be in luck as a small handful of embassies and consulates are throwing snags on the barbie around the world for the occasion. According to the map, Kuala Lumpur, Berlin, New York, London and Tokyo will all be wielding sausage sandwiches for homesick Aussies, so head down and say g’day if you’re nearby.

The federal election will take place Australia wide on Saturday May 18. Head to the Australian Electoral Commission website for more information. Find your nearest snag station at Democracy Sausage