Button Mashers: What’s new this month in gaming

Button Mashers: What’s new this month in gaming


It’s a good month for a beer – coupled with Mario Kart, Doom, and the biggest fighting game tournament in Australia, of course.

Wring out that red headband – Australia’s largest fighting game tournament Battle Arena Melbourne (BAM) will be celebrating a whopping decade of the best fighting games played at a dazzling pro-tour level. For a landmark year, BAM 10 will see some of the greatest players in the globe tackling the likes of Super Smash Bros Melee, Dragonball FighterZ, Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – just to name a small few.

If you’re an average punter like myself (which is to say, you prefer button-mashing on a fourth-hand Mad Catz controller in lieu of skill), then never fear – there’s plenty to play and do. It’s the first opportunity for Aussies to have a crack at the upcoming Soul Calibur VI, there’s cosplay competitions, and once you’re all Hadouken’d out, there’s an after-party with brews and ping-pong a short walk away at The General Assembly. BAM 10 hits the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from Friday May 18 to Sunday May 20. Register at CouchWarriors.

Speaking of frothies, Good Beer Week is just around the corner and Bar SK in Collingwood will be celebrating by giving you the chance to play some very original beer-themed games. There’s a modded version of the classic shoot-‘em-up Doom called Doombrew – which I sincerely hope sees you fighting the demon hordes of Hell while knocking back IPAs – or try your hand at virtual beer-pong in Pong SK. Bar SK’s GoodBeer (Games) Weeks will run every day (bar Mondays) from now until Sunday March 20.

If you’re still thirsty, may we recommend Kaiju’s Ultimate Mario Kart Challenge (or medical consultation, depending upon the level of thirst involved)? A high-octane event most of us have unknowingly been training towards since childhood, the Challenge will consist of a winner-takes-all round robin Mario Kart tournament versus both brewers from Kaiju! Beer and staff from Loop Project Space and Bar. There are prizes to be won, a free Kaiju! beer upon entry, half-price beer during the Challenge and even a complimentary BBQ on the rooftop to cap off the day. Catch it on Sunday April 13 at Loop Project Space and Bar from 3pm. Tickets are $20 and there are only 28 spaces to fill in the round robin, so make sure you get in early. Claim your legacy.

Need some practice before then? Beta Bar will be hosting their own Mario Kart competition on the same night as their upcoming Disney Party. Make sure you dress up as your favourite Disney character and jump on the dancefloor, where DJs will smash out classic Disney bangers and pumping tunes. There are free drinks and prizes on the line, so as the great Scar once sang, ‘it pays to be prepared’. With $5 basics until 9pm and $5 pints of house beer all night, you won’t want to miss Beta Bar on Friday May 11. Entry is from 6pm, with door discounts for tertiary students and cosplayers.

If you need a break from the screen (and the booze), the 2018 Victorian Board Game Championships will be kicking off towards the end of the month, boasting a two-day tournament for fans of the beloved Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride and Rummikub. First prize is a choice between either $250 towards transport and accommodation to the Australian Championships in Sydney or a whopping $200 in Games Laboratory store credit. It all goes down at Games Laboratory on Saturday May 26 and Sunday May 27 from 10am. Tickets are available via the Australian Boardgaming Tournaments website.

What’s Been Rad: That Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer. I wanna be a cowboy, baby. October is lookin’ good.

What’s Been Bad: Channel Seven cancelling ScreenPLAY, a show that deserved better. Ah well, at least we get more M*A*S*H reruns or whatever now.