Australia now has a mural dedicated to Egg Boy

Australia now has a mural dedicated to Egg Boy

That didn’t take too long.

The 17-year-old who walloped a racist Australian senator with an egg on the weekend has been commemorated with his very own mural in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane. The mural is the latest piece of work by Melbourne artist Van T. Rudd.

The teen earned his sudden claim to fame by cracking an egg over right-wing nationalist senator Fraser Anning’s head after he said some pretty fucked up shit about the recent Christchurch shooting. The eggcellent act has been witnessed and celebrated around the world ever since.

In addition to this visual tribute, Egg Boy has also been recognised by some pretty high-profile musicians, such as Violent Soho and Hilltop Hoods, who have offered him free tickets to any of their shows.

Long live Egg Boy — may his egg-throwing spirit thrive in all of us.

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