A ‘Flaming Moe’ pop-up bar is coming to Australia

A ‘Flaming Moe’ pop-up bar is coming to Australia


If you didn’t watch episode ten. season three of The Simpsons and find yourself wondering what a ‘Flaming Moe’ tastes like and whether or not you should try to concoct one in your kitchen, you’re lying.

For all you Simpsons fans out there, the chance to guzzle down the elusive cocktail is here at last (albeit, sans cough syrup — we hope). If a cocktail featuring sloe gin, blackberry liqueur, brandy and peppermint schnapps doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’ll also be ‘Duff’ inspired beer on tap to help you wet your whistle — served to you by Moe Szyslak himself.

Along with a chance to do a full Barney Gumble on yourself, there will be Simpsons trivia so you can flaunt your knowledge on all things Springfield — with loads of Simpsons prizes up for grabs. Tickets are limited, so be sure to RSVP to nab yourself some.